DIY Winter Scene Shadowbox

Over the weekend I got to spend some time with the creatives at Behr Paint and The Home Depot. Since HD is the exclusive retailer of Behr’s new chalk paint line, they have come up with some fun ways to get creative with the stuff for the holidays. I loved the DIY winter scene shadow box. It’s an easy project for kids to get into and you can get as elaborate or minimal as you like. Biggest bonus: it’s super affordable. Shadow boxes are just  few bucks and the elements used to create the design in side can be sourced from crafty stuff you already have or purchased at low cost.

Essentials are the wooden shadow box, paint brushes and paint – preferably Behr chalk paint since it has a rustic matte finish and can be customized with wax to achieve different visual textures. Optional materials are wooden cutouts in animal/seasonal/holiday themes, dried or artificial twigs and sprigs, decorative paper in the patter or color of your choice, 12″ LED light pack (may need batteries), a drill and drill bit to make holes for the lights and to add a hanger and glue, glue gun or glue sticks

Ready to get crafty?

Step 1: Assemble supplies

Gather all items together to complete the project.  Take a moment to measure and cut your paper, twigs and sprigs to fit within the box.

Step 2: Paint box

Paint your shadow box inside and out in the color of choice.  For their demo, Behr used Ice Water BCP26 and Fossil Gray BCP42.   If you want to get even craftier, cover the box in burlap and paint the burlap material in your chosen color. The good thing about chalk paint is that it adheres to material well.

Step 3: Glue in paper

Apply glue to back of the box and secure paper in place.

Step 4: Paint and arrange box decor

Paint your wood cutouts and floral clippings.  We painted our wooden deer in Fresh Earth BCP14. When dry, position your items in the box in preparation to hot glue.

Step 5: Hot glue elements

When you are happy with the positioning of your items, secure them in place with your glue gun.

If you are gluing detail elements to your items do so now.  If you’d like to string lights through your box move onto step 6, if not skip to step 8.

Step 7: String lights (optional)

To string lights through the box you will need to drill two holes into each of the top corners.  Select a drill bit that will allow you to string your lights through. Drill one hole in the upper right corner and another in the upper left.

String your lights through one of the back top holes, across the inside of the box and out the hole on the opposite side.

Step 8: Display

Add batteries to your lights if needed, turn on and display where all can see.

For more holiday inspiration and project ideas visit the Behr Holiday Collection page.


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