Summertime Wine Popsicle Recipes

Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you can’t cool down on hot summer nights with a refreshing popsicle. Just act your age and make sure they’re boozed up versions like these.

Roasted Strawberry & Red Wine


Strawberries are roasted with sugar for a deep and luscious way to enjoy summer’s favorite treat. Pure and mix with your favorite sweet red wine to create this refreshing sweet treat. Want a punch up the flavor of these pops? There’s a secret ingredient for that. Get the recipe here.  

Pinot Noir Blackberry Pops

wine pop

If you’ve got access to plump ripe blackberries, these Pinot Noir pops are the perfect way to use them up. Get the recipe here.

Sauvignon Blanc Yellow Peach Pops


Frozen peaches easily substitute for fresh peaches in this recipe. The sweetness of teh fruit draws out wine’s fruity notes to create a sangria-like pop. a hint of richness is added with some fresh vanilla bean. Get the recipe here.

Strawberry Mint Rose Popsicles


You don’t even need a blender to make this popsicle. Refreshing mint and strawberries are layered into a popsicle mold and topped with rose for these poolside adult popsicles. Get the recipe here.


French 75

Champagne Popsicle.jpg

If you’re a fan of champagne, this is the popsicle for you. Champagne is frozen with with lemon and simple syrup for a boozed up lemonade in ice formation. Get the recipe here.


Blackberry & Chèvre Popsicle


If you fancy yourself a chef, these popsicles are up your alley. With ingredients like milk, thyme, honey, goat cheese and brown sugar, they’re a bit more advanced to make but a lot more delicious to taste. Get the recipe here.

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