Nutella-stuffed Strawberries


Nutella is in a food group all on its own with my kids. They love it. Truth is, so do I. As a kid in Italy, we would get tiny juice size jars of it and once we were finished, could keep the jars for drinking out of. Here in the States, it’s all about bulk and with four of us in the house, I guess that’s a good thing.


But we can only do so many Nutella sandwiches before even those get old. For play dates I like to have some fruit on hand in case the kids are craving something sweet. When I know they have had a rough day at school or it was a testing day or just a long week, it’s fun to turn that fruit into something fun.


Nutella-stuffed strawberries is that something fun. This is a super easy recipe that I often have my girls make with me. I use a melon baller to scoop a hole out of large strawberries (try to get organic if you can and scrub with a veggie brush) and fill them with a dollop of Nutella. If we have bananas, sometimes we give the berries a little banana hat or make a fruit kebob with bananas, strawberries and peaches.


These also make great toppings for cupcakes  – but in that case I would recommend smaller strawberries so that they can get a bit of both fruit and cake.



Wine Pairing

These are perfect with a sweet rose or sparkling brut.




Large ripe strawberries




Melon baller






Cut the tops off of the strawberries.

Use the melon baller to carve a hole out of the berries. Use the scraps in a smoothie or in yogurt right away or put in a Ziploc and freeze for strawberry ice cream or ice pops.


Using a small spoon, scoop a dollop of Nutella into the berries.



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