Girl Scout Cookies and Wine Pairings

What’s better than Girl Scout Cookies? Girl Scout Cookies and wine of course. Yes, the pairings don’t stop with chocolate and cheese. Specific flavors in Girl Scout Cookies like lemon, coconut and chocolate were maid for sharing with wine. Here are a few that will have you ditching the milk pretty quickly.

Sparkling Brut and Savannah SmilesMeetTheCookies_Savannah-Smiles.jpg

With tropical aromas and flavors of green apple and luscious pear, ONEHOPE’s Sparkling brut is the perfect complement to a citrusy cookie. The effervescence of the brut combined with the lemon in Savannah Smiles create an unforgettable zesty finish that is perfectly refreshing.

Sauvignon Blanc and Trefoils


Zesty and crisp, Sauvignon Blanc displays flavors of melon and lime with citrusy high notes that appeal to simple pairing. The savory buttery flavor of Trefoils makes for the perfect combination. The flavors are simple and the wine is light and acidic enough to cut through the buttery notes of the cookie.

Chardonnay and Samoas


This is as luscious as it gets. While red wines are usually the preferred pairing for chocolate, the presence of caramel and coconut in the Samoas make the tropical chardonnay produced by ONEHOPE – featuring hints of smooth oak, vanilla and coconut – the ideal pairing. The wine/cookie combo enhances the flavors of coconut present in both making for a dessert you won’t soon forget.

Pinot Noir and Toffee-tastic


A fruit forward pinot noir is characterized by flavors of strawberry and cinnamon spice. It’s a great sip alongside a bite of the Girl Scout’s Toffee-tastic cookie. Pinot allows the buttery toffee in the cookie to shine.

Merlot and Thin Mints


Thin Mint fans will love this cookie with Merlot. The wine is soft enough not to compete with the mint and compliments the dark chocolate of the cookie. If you want a red for your Samoas, this is the one.

Zinfandel and Do-si-dos


Zinfandels are known for being jammy and full of rich, dark fruit. The presence of some spice on the wine make it the perfect complement for a simple peanut butter cookie – without chocolate.  Think of it as PB&J but with cookies and wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Tagalongs


Aromas of coffee and cocoa and flavors of dark berries and rich chocolate make for a great Cabernet Sauvignon. The strong presence of those dark berries plus peanut butter that is prominent in Tagalongs make for another version of PB&J, this one richer and way more adult.

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