Healthy Homemade Versions of Your Favorite Candy Bars

It might sound impossible to stay healthy when you’ve got a sweet tooth, but it can be done! Your favorite candy might be off the menu in your adult life, but these homemade versions actually make it possible to indulge every now and then. 

You might think that switching to the snack-size versions of your favorite bars is the way to go, but in actuality, those little nuggets of happiness sometimes have more sugar than the originals. And since studies are showing that the more sugar we consume the more toxic it can be, it’s probably better to avoid store-bought all together and go DIY on this holiday.  Don’t worry, these recipes might sound hard (nougat, cookies, caramel?!), but they really aren’t. For most, the chilling time is longer than the cooking time, so these are definitely something you can do.

But be warned: These recipes are so good you will want to eat the entire batch yourself a. And we won’t judge you if you do.



Truth be told, peanut butter and chocolate ARE actually good for you. So this recipe by Naturally Sweet makes total sense. Heart-healthy nut butter is covered in real, dark chocolate and portion sizes are designed for healthy indulgence.  It’s grain free, gluten free, soy free, HFCS free, but most importantly, guilt free.

Kit Kat

kitkat4-4_websiteIt took Fork & Beans two years to perfect this homemade and healthy Kit Kat recipe, but luckily, she did it. The use of dairy-free chocolate makes this ideal for vegans and you’ll never believe what gives these bars that necessary crunch. Hint…it comes in a cereal box.



Remember when Snickers came out with a protein bar? No? Well, they did. And it wasn’t all that bad despite the fact that they stopped making it.  Desserts with Benefits is keeping the dream alive and created an at-home version of a Snickers that ups the protein content and decreases the sugar and fat.



It is possible to eat Paleo and still enjoy Halloween. This recipe from Living Healthy with Chocolate calls for almond flour instead of white and raw honey instead of sugar, but the result is a snack bar that you would swear was the real thing.



If you’re a red vine devotee, it is possible to get your fix without fudging up your meal plan. Glutenfree on a Shoestring has a recipe that gets it right and is even adjustable for black licorice lovers. Yes, they do exist.

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